Miriam Yosef is a political scientist and human rights scholar, currently a Research Fellow at ELES, conducting her PhD research on human rights & intersectional justice. As a freelance educational facilitator, curator, and writer, Miriam’s work focuses on empowerment critiques of power. Miriam is on the board of Take Over – Association for Intersectional Campaigning and is co-founder of Jewish & Intersectional – Initiative for Critical Education Work and Salon of Perspectives. Among other things, she organizes the BIPoC empowerment series “I Am Not Exotic – I’m Exhausted” and co-edits the print magazine “YallahSalon” for Salon der Perspektiven. Both projects focus on a critical engagement with white majority society from the perspective of multiply marginalized people of color.

Thu Hoài Tran is a social scientist, theater maker and freelance educational facilitator working on issues of migration, empowerment and intersectionality. Hoài interned and assisted in directing and stage design at Schauspielhaus Hamburg and Kampnagel and was assistant director at Hajusom & Bühne für Menschenrechte. As a board member of the association “TakeOver.” Hoài works on intersectional campaigning. Hoài is part of bildungsLab*, an association of academics:of color who teach & produce theory, comment and intervene in pedagogical & artistic concepts. Hoài writes and publishes articles on the need for decolonization of urban theater, among other topics. Currently Hoài is doing an intersectional performance #WomxnofColor to performatively test practices of resistance and solidarity at Berlin’s Ringtheater.